Equality is spreading

The One Capital Region campaign saw a huge victory this week when Meridian Township passed their fair housing ordinance. However, we weren’t the only ones celebrating this week. One Capital Region is actually part of a much larger team that works around the state to pass and defend non-discrimination ordinances. This week, our entire team was busy winning,



Don’t believe us? Check out this rundown from the Don’t Change Yourself campaign:

West Michigan

Oshtemo Township: The Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center continues to advocate for a fully inclusive human rights ordinance in Oshtemo Township. Sign the petition urging Oshtemo Township to adopt non-discrimination protections.

Battle Creek:  One Battle Creek held their campaign kickoff last night with 46 people in attendance! A great turnout! One Battle Creek has set the ambitious goal of identifying 1,000 supporters of fairness and equality by the next city commission meeting on August 6. Sign the Battle Creek petition here!

Holland: Holland is Ready announced a growing list of business supporters. Find out more and support Holland Is Ready by signing up here.

Local Activists are gathering support from business and faith leaders as the city council prepares to discuss a non-discrimination ordinance later this year. Sign the Greenville petition!

Eureka Township: Sign the petition for Eureka Township! The board of trustees is researching non-discrimination ordinances in other townships. A close neighbor of Greenville, Eureka Township is expected to begin discussion on their non-discrimination ordinance concurrently with Greenville.

Mid-Michigan (One Capital Region)

Meridian Township: Following the passage of an inclusive Fair Housing Ordinance, Meridian Trustees are drafting an ordinance to address discrimination in employment and public accommodations.
Delta Township: Trustees have written an ordinance that will expand non-discrimination protections to gay and transgender people in housing, public accommodations, and employment. The township is on track to pass this ordinance by August 19. Click here to join us at the next meeting!
Lansing Township: Discussions about an inclusive human rights ordinance are starting up in Lansing Township. The Board will be revisiting the topic at their July 30 meeting. Sign the petition for Lansing Township here!
Delhi Township: Sign up to volunteer here! Constituents in Delhi Township have expressed their overwhelming support for a local non-discrimination ordinance. We expect more positive developments in Delhi Township soon!
Southeast Michigan
Royal Oak: Earlier this year the city of Royal Oak passed a fully inclusive human rights ordinance, but opponents of fairness and equality gathered enough signatures to force the ordinance to the ballot this November. An overwhelming victory in Royal Oak will send a clear message that Michigan stands for equality for all it’s residents. Learn more about what’s at stake in Royal Oak by checking out this great article from PrideSource!

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