UPDATE: Delhi Township


Tonight, Clerk Evan Hope introduced an anti-discrimination ordinance to the Delhi Township Committee of the Whole. Clerk Hope gave some background on the ordinances and on their presence in the community: “Meridian has passed an ordinance and Delta is very close. Lansing Township is now talking about it as well. That leaves us.”

Clerk Hope has championed non-discrimination protections from day one — the photo above this post was taken during One Capital Region’s first press conference in May. During his introduction of the ordinance, Clerk Hope said, “If you don’t have a [non-discrimination] ordinance…or if you’re non-committal or hinting that you’re going to allow discrimination, you’re closing your community off to a lot of economic development.”

During discussion of the ordinance, Trustee DiAnne Warfield said that she fully supported the idea but did wonder if discrimination was an issue for the community. Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis was very quick to say, “That’s part of the point…the people who are being discriminated against do know but they have no place to turn.”

Supervisor Davis spoke passionately about the need for a non-discrimination ordinance and said that although it was a “small gesture” that it was important for the community to “send the message” that Delhi Township is a welcoming community. All of the Trustees present (Trustees Megan Ketchum and Jon Harmon were excused) seem to be very much in support of the anti-discrimination ordinance.

The Board will be reviewing the ordinance with the Township’s attorney and plan to revisit the ordinance on September 17 during the Committee of the Whole Meeting and to introduce during the full meeting on the same night.

One Capital Region applauds Clerk Hope and the Delhi Township Board of Trustees for their hard work on this ordinance. Their conversation on the issue indicates that they have given a lot of thought to the ordinance and are truly working to pass an ordinance that will create a Delhi Township where everyone can live, work, and play without reservation.




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