101 Delhi Thank You Graphic


Last night, the Delhi Township Board of Trustees unanimously passed a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance. During a brief public comment period, four citizens rose to speak in favor of the ordinance. Cheryl Overley, who is part of the largest homeschooling group in the state, said “We have families who live in Delhi Township and we come to Delhi Township a lot. Our group goes skating at EDRU, we hold picnics in your parks, and we hold group dinners in your restaurants. It’s good to know that Delhi Township embraces the same values of inclusiveness that we do.”

Other citizens applauded the Board for their action on this matter. Unlike the last meeting, no one spoke against the ordinance.

A few members of the Board spoke about the ordinance. Supervisor CJ Davis said, “This is a law that is in the public interest…This is real. We are doing the right thing.”  Clerk Evan Hope, who has been a leader on this issue, said, “We know that Delhi Township is not bucking any major trends here…nearly 76% of people in Michigan support non-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people.” Clerk Hope also added, “I’ve gotten more complaints about the new “Welcome to Holt” signs than I have about this ordinance. People support equality.”

The meeting concluded with one final public comment. Supervisor Davis’ 9-year-old son, Caleb, proudly walked to the front of the room and said, “I’m really proud of my dad right now.”

Delhi Township is the 28th community in Michigan to pass a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance. We applaud our local elected officials for stepping up and showing real leadership on this issue. Please join One Capital Region in thanking the Delhi Township Board of Trustees by clicking HERE. 



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