Michigan is among 29 states in the union where you can still be fired on the spot just for being gay and 35 states if you’re transgender. While employment laws (Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act) exist on the books to protect workers on the basis of race, gender and religion, no such protections exist for employees who are singled out for their sexual orientation and gender identity. One Capital Region supports these protections and is working toward them on the local level.

The One Capital Region campaign was launched in May 2013 with the goal of passing non-discrimination ordinances in Delta, Delhi, and Meridian Townships. More than 100,000 residents will be protected if these three ordinances pass.

The One Capital Region campaign believes that all hardworking people in our state should have the chance to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families without fear of being unfairly fired for reasons that have nothing to do with their performance.

For more information about joining the campaign, please visit www.onecapregion.org

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