Last night, the Delhi Township Board of Trustees unanimously passed a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance. During a brief public comment period, four citizens rose to speak in favor of the ordinance. Cheryl Overley, who is part of the largest homeschooling group in the state, said “We have families who live in Delhi Township and we […]

PROGRESS: Delhi Township Board Stands Strong For Equality and Fairness

Last night, the Delhi Township Board voted unanimously to proceed with a non-discrimination ordinance. Unlike previous meetings, there were a lot of people in the room to deliver public comment on the issue of non-discrimination protections. During public comment, Holt Baptist Church Pastor Fred Froman read a brief collective statement from a coalition of pastors […]

UPDATE: Delhi Township

Tonight, Clerk Evan Hope introduced an anti-discrimination ordinance to the Delhi Township Committee of the Whole. Clerk Hope gave some background on the ordinances and on their presence in the community: “Meridian has passed an ordinance and Delta is very close. Lansing Township is now talking about it as well. That leaves us.” Clerk Hope […]

A Crash Course in Public Comments

Delivering testimony sounds scary. It’s intimidating. The word “testimony” alone conjures up images of courtrooms, cross examinations, and stern judges. I think that’s one of the reasons why so many municipalities refer to their time when the public can speak as “public comment” time.  A comment is certainly far less intimidating than “testimony. More than […]