Meridian Township Meeting Etiquette

As most of you already know, the Meridian Township Board of Trustees recently split over whether to adopt an ordinance which would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Reasons cited included concerns about authority, cost, and necessity. Trustee Milton Scales went so far as to call it “feel good legislation.” In […]

Letter from the ACLU to Meridian Township

The Lansing Branch of the Michigan ACLU recently drafted a letter to the Meridian Township Board. The letter, which was written by Branch President Lynne Martinez, expressed the ACLU’s “profound disappointment and concern with the Board’s possible reversal on the issue of adopting an ordinance that would fully protect Meridian Township residents and visitors from […]

Meridian Township Board Split Over Non-Discrimination Ordinance

During the Tuesday, September 17 Meridian Board of Trustees meeting, the Board revisited the issue of the Human Relations Ordinance. In July, the Board amended the Township’s Fair Housing Ordinance to prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. The Board is now entertaining an ordinance that would prohibit not only housing discrimination, […]

PROGRESS: Delhi Township Board Stands Strong For Equality and Fairness

Last night, the Delhi Township Board voted unanimously to proceed with a non-discrimination ordinance. Unlike previous meetings, there were a lot of people in the room to deliver public comment on the issue of non-discrimination protections. During public comment, Holt Baptist Church Pastor Fred Froman read a brief collective statement from a coalition of pastors […]

PROGRESS! Delta Township Breezes Through First Consideration of Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Last night, the Delta Township Board of Trustees voted 6-0* to introduce a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance. The Board of Trustees first discussed the ordinance in May. The Board has carefully considered the issues presented by their constituents and have asked questions. The Delta Township Board of Trustees usually moves very efficiently through their agenda and […]


Tonight, Monday, September 16, the Delta Township Board of Trustees will introduce a non-discrimination ordinance. The Board has been working diligently on this issue since late May. They have discussed, revised, listened to testimony, and discussed the issue again. The result of this hard work is a comprehensive ordinance that will prohibit housing, employment, and […]


Last night the Delta Township Board of Trustees discussed and finalized their proposed non-discrimination ordinance. The Board has done a tremendous amount of work on this ordinance since the issue was first addressed at the May 13 Committee of the Whole meeting. Every single member of the Board has combed through this ordinance and has […]